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Lake Malawi

Impact of regional environmental changes on the availability of water resources and hydropower generation in Malawi (South-East Africa)

Luftbild Malawi-See
Photo: NASA Hubble Space Telescope

Supported by:

PoGS (Potsdam Graduate School)

Part of the Research Training Group NatRiskChange


2017 - 2021

Project description:

The Lake Malawi basin is a socio-economically important but fragile hydro-system in the tropics. It is the main resource of fresh water supply and hydropower generation in the Shire River, the only outlet of Lake Malawi in the south. In the 1990s, a prolonged drought led to water shortages and the flow into the Shire River almost stopped. This would have had dramatic consequences for power supply in the country. This research has investigated the impact of regional environmental change on droughts and hydropower production in the Lake Malawi and Shire River basins during the recent past and for possible future scenarios.

Luftbild Malawi-See
Photo: NASA Hubble Space Telescope