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Climate, Earth, Water, Sustainability | International Master

Graduates of our international top-class master's degree program Climate, Earth, Water, Sustainability (CLEWS) will be trained to become experts in the field of climate science research in order to address the consequences of global warming in a science-based manner with regard to research, politics, and the public. On this webpage, you will find all the important informations about our new master's program CLEWS, the application process and the frequently asked questions.

Basic informations about CLEWS

Program content CLEWS

Information about the Master's Program CLEWS by the University of Potsdam's Division of Student Affairs ...

CLEWS launched - press release

Press Release: CLEWS launched

The University of Potsdam offers for the first time this fall an interdisciplinary master's program that will directly address ...

The program at a glance

Content and credit points

Prerequisite for studying CLEWS

CLEWS courses - all modules with description

All CLEWS modules with descriptions can be found here...

CLEWS experiences - much more than studying

CLEWS offers so much more... for example, getting involved in cutting-edge scientific projects, finding a job as a student assistant, studying abroad or our obligatory CLEWS excursions in the Alps...

Application period winter term 2024/2025

It is possible to apply for the 1st semester of CLEWS every winter semester. You can apply for the following winter term from 2 April. We strongly recommend that you apply early to ensure that you have all your VISA approvals in place and your accommodation sorted. We expect to receive a large number of applications. Please be aware that due to the huge interest in our programme, our response time may take some time.

Much more information and the application link can be found on this website: application-master

How to apply?!

Please note: The University of Potsdam is using its own application portal. Please apply for the CLEWS Master's program via the University's internal application portal. Further information can be found under the following link:

Admissions Portal of the University of Potsdam 

Important: Applicants without a German university degree MUST obtain a fee-based Verification of Preliminary Documentation (VPD) from the Uni-Assist plattform paid by the applicant. Please visit the following link for more information:


Stage of Processing of Applications

[bold = current phase]

  1. Application period ⇒ from 2 April to 15 August 2024
  2. Processing at the University of Potsdam & Selection Procedure
  3. Dispatch of positive notifications of selected applicants
  4. Dispatch of negative notifications

Deva Charan Jarajapu from India, first CLEWS graduate:

"The CLEWS program has been a transformative journey for me, both academically and socially. It gave me an environment to interact with esteemed professors, which has been invaluable in discovering and refining my research interests. The program's culturally diverse cohort allowed me to form long-lasting friendships and introduced me to new perspectives, which enhanced my education outside of the classroom. Finally, the CLEWS program's quality experience has provided me with the skills and knowledge required to confidently transition into the real world."

María García, CLEWS student from Peru:

„Unlike other master programs, this is the one that captivated my attention because it delves into environmental-climate science, which underpins and support many important decisions. In addition, this master program highlights having courses taught by renowned professors, cooperation with research institutions and research opportunities, as well as a modern campus. Clews delivers everything and more I could have imagined. I'm very excited about this great opportunity.“

Johannes Wilk, CLEWS student from Germany:

"CLEWS allows me to deepen my skills in environmental science and climate physics and to develop a profound academic understanding of the pressing challenges and opportunities of our time. The master's program enables me to build up a valuable network and provides an inspiring learning environment with my fellow students."

CLEWS FAQ for interested applicants

Frequently asked questions about the application and documents are listed at the webpage FAQ about master's degree application via uni-assist. Further administrative questions shall be addressed to the Office of Student Affairs with the particular contact: postgraduate admission.

Here you can find the frequently asked questions addressed to our study porgram CLEWS:

Which are the prerequisite for joining the CLEWS program?

Which are the prerequisite for studying CLEWS?

Knowledge of English > level B2 (CEFR) ! / German required ?

Are programming skills a prerequisite?

What hardware do I need for CLEWS?

About the application process...

Application deadline: When can I apply for CLEWS?

Where do I send my application documents?

After applying and before the start...

Are there bridging courses for preparing / catching up on content?

Is there particular advise for international Students? How can I get help with Visa application?

Until when do I have to enrol to Uni Potsdam?

When is the deadline for course registration? What happens if I am not registered when instruction period starts? ...or when I haven‘t reached Germany by then?

During studying CLEWS...

Is a semester abroad possible? Yes, go abroad with Erasmus+

What is the excursion in the module "PHY-CM02: Numerical methods (Programming) and Introduction: Climate, Earth, Water, Sustainability” about?

Period of study - “Regelstudienzeit”

About living & costs in Potsdam...

How to connect with people in Potsdam?

Are there tuition fees?

How can I find housing in Potsdam?

How much does it cost to study in Potsdam?

How to finance my studies? Are there scholarships?

Contact the CLEWS team

Questions left?!

If you still seek specific advice or have questions not answered here regarding CLEWS, please write us. Please write only to this email address in the right hand box. Do not write separately to our secretary or teachers. All communication will be handled via

Contact the CLEWS team