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Final theses advertised

Thesis on biotope type mapping and ecosystem services in the city

As part of the namares 2.0 project, biotope types and ecosystem services in the towns of Bretten and Bruchsal are to be mapped on site and using remote sensing (contact: S. Norra).

Thesis: Soil moisture dynamics in soils of water protection areas in the commune of Bühl

Prolonged periods of drought affect groundwater recharge due to dried-out soils. In the project BioWaWi, the soil moisture dynamic is to be determined (contact: S. Norra).

Algae and material flow dynamics in reservoirs (Wahnbachtalsperre, Siegburg)

Climate change influences the algae dynamics in bodies of water. This can affect the water quality in drinking water reservoirs. The DIWA project is dedicated to this topic (contact: S. Norra).

Master's thesis on the characterization of the pollution situation and humic substances in Potsdam's

For more detailed information please contact Prof. Stefan Norra (

Completed theses


  • Relevance of Spatial and Temporal Proximity and Sample Size for Calibration Performance of In Situ Soil pH Sensor Data (BSc)
  • Surficial processes in a low-permeability landscape (BSc)
  • Quantifizierung der Kohlenstoff- und Schwefelspeicher im Wasserschutzgebiet Waldhägenich bei Bühl (Baden) (BSc)
  • Modelling of the Srinagar flood 2014 using GLOFAS and the FLOODOS hydrodynamic model (MSc)
  • Environmental flow monitoring of Himalayan rivers based on Sentinel-2 imagery (MSc)


  • Entwicklung der TOC-Bodengehalte von Boden-Dauerbeobachtungsflächen im Land Brandenburg im Verlauf von 30 Jahren Bodenmonitoring (Bachelor)
  • Highly spatio-temporal resolved analysis of water quality and algae dynamics using multi sensor system monitoring data in Westensee, Germany (Master)
  • Weiterentwicklung von Ökosystemindikatoren zur Entscheidungsunterstützung in der Stadtquartiersentwcklung (Master)
  • Umsetzung einer nachhaltigen Stadtentwicklung in Bebauungsplänen - geschichtliche Entwicklung sowie heutige und zukünftige Herausforderungen (Master)
  • Ökosystemleistungen der Stadtbäume im Potsdamer Stadtteil Zentrum Ost (Bachelor)
  • Quellenidentifikation von Sedimenten entlang der Westküste der Camau-Halbinsel, Vietnam, mit Hilfe geochemischer und mineralogischer Verfahren (Bachelor)
  • The impact of land cover on soil hydraulic conductivity (Bachelor)
  • Development and evaluation of a database on damage to hydropower plants caused by natural disasters in the Himalayas (Master)
  • Validation of vertical accuracy of digital elevation models (DEMs) with differential global positioning systems (DGPS) data
  • On the formation of future glacial lakes and their potential GLOF volume and peak discharge on the bed topography of the Gangotri Glacier (Master)
  • Analyse und Bewertung der pH-Wert-Bestimmung mittels ionen-selektiver Antimon- und Epoxyelektroden (Bachelor)