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Advising and Services

Advising situation
Photo: Matthias Friel

A variety of different institutions at our university are available to answer your questions about studying in Potsdam. This page will provide you with an overview of the different points of contact and who can answer your specific questions. Should you ever happen to contact the wrong place, they will be happy to direct you to the correct contact person.

Please consult the websites for our advisory and service institutions regarding short-term changes in office hours.

Direct your request to only one of the institution listed below. We will ensure that your request is passed on to the appropriate addressee if necessary. That will help us to reduce the processing time of the inquiries. Thank you.

Go here for all questions you might have before, at the beginning and during your studies as well as for mental health services for students.

We provide support for students with health concerns or disabilities

Anxiety before exams, writer’s block, relationship problems, personal crises… - please contact us and we can help you get your inner balance back

This is your contact for program-specific questions as well as for individually planning and organizing your studies, for example if you need details on program requirements and documentation

This is the point of contact for all prospective and current international students, international guest scholars as well as all students who are planning to go abroad during their studies

We can answer your questions regarding application and enrollment as well as questions pertaining to your student status more generally

First point of contact for any questions relating to an application for a consecutive master’s degree program with the exception of teaching degree programs.

Lost or defective PUCK? Come to the PUCK Service Point!

Contact us with questions pertaining to the administration of your course completion certificates, the recognition of previous academic work or the issuing of your degree certificate

We answer your questions about the many functions of this online portal, which provides support in organizing your studies and examinations

The following pages contain links to other advising services you might need during your studies