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Laboratory and field equipment

Overview of laboratories and measuring equipment of the working group:

Soil laboratory

The soil laboratory deals with the chemical and physical investigation of soil, water and plant materials. Further information can be found here.

Field equipment

  • Differential GPS: Trimble 5700/5800
  • Totalstation: Trimble 5603 Robotic
  • Totalstation: Trimble S8 High Precision
  • 3D-Scanner: Trimble GX Advanced
  • Infiltrometer: UGT Müncheberg Haubeninfiltrometer
  • Infiltrometer: Terra System Tensionsscheibeninfiltrometer
  • Infiltrometer: Eijkelkamp Doppelringinfiltrometer
  • Permeameter: KSat Inc. Compact Constant Head Permeameter