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Research projects

On-going projects

SPS - Blue Nile

Seamless Prediction Systems (SPS) for decision support for the transboundary water management of the Blue Nile



Strategies for the development of pyrophobic and climate change resilient forests on forest fire areas

Starkregenereignis im Juli 2021 führte zu Überflutungen im Würzburger Süden


Innovative instruments for managing risk of pluvial floods in urban areas

Drought-affected field beside a former brook

Droughts in Peru and Ecuador

Understanding spatiotemporal variability of meteorological and hydrological droughts and seasonal forecasting over Peru and Ecuador

Extreme Rainfall under Climate Change

The spatiotemporal signature of extreme rainfall under climate change: cross-scale propagation of effects on flash flood hazard.

NatRisk Change


DFG Graduiertenkolleg "Natural Hazards and Risks in a Changing World"

Changing Sediment Regime in the Alps

Changing water and energy conditions and their significance for sediment pulses in alpine areas



Co-PREPARE: Collaborative Indo-German PRoject on Estimating and Predicting NAtural Hazards in the Himalayan REgion

Radarbilder von Starkregenereignissen


Convective Atmospheres: linking Radar-based event descriptors and LOsses From Flash Floods

Towards parsimonious hazard assessment for urban flash floods

Urban Fash Floods

Towards parsimonious hazard assessment for urban flash floods