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Research projects

Current projects


Carbon stocks of agricultural land in Brandenburg (Multivariate statistical analysis and modelling at different scales)


Sustainable and climate adapted water management in mining of Namibia and neighbouring countries

ViWaT Engineering - Vietnam Water Technologies

Development of sustainable measures to secure the groundwater and land resources of the Camau Peninsula in the south of Vietnam

BioWaWi - Biodiversity and Water Management

Development of innovative options for action for companies in water management to preserve biodiversity and ecosystems



Indo-German Cooperation Project: Forecasting Natural Hazards in the Himalayan Region


Sustainability assessment and management of resource efficiency in the neighbourhood in the context of sustainable urban development


Integrated monitoring technologies for assessing ecological risks from sediment resuspension events using the example of Lake Taihu in China

Completed projects

Illuminating the speed of sand

Illuminating the speed of sand

How much time does a grain of sand need to travel from its place of origin in the mountains to the depositional areas in the oceans?