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Brief description

A Reflectory (composed of reflect and story) is a digital learning environment that challenges learners to make decisions based on various information that influence the course of history. Short listening texts describe the initial situation, while additional materials such as pictures, maps, opinions of affected actors or reference texts are intended to make the often complex decision easier. The consequences of each decision become apparent in the course of history and stimulate the learners to reflect and take action (in the sense of education for sustainable development).

The Reflectories developed so far are each dedicated to a sustainable development goal of the United Nations.

The Reflectory presented here is dedicated to Sustainable Development Goal 6 "Clean Water and Sanitation" and was developed by Werner Thiem as part of his Master's thesis.

Further Reflectories can be found at:

Background to the "Reflectory" format

Originally, the format of the Reflectories was developed by Prof. Dr. Nina Brendel, Prof. Dr. Gabriele Schrüfer (University of Münster) and Dr. Katja Wrenger (University of Münster) and supported by Engagement Global and the BMZ, among others (more information at

Note: The SDG 6 Reflectory is a fictional story that may be used as Open Educational Content (OER) for educational purposes. Responsible for the content of this Reflectory is Werner Thiem. (Email: wthiemuni-potsdamde ).

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