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What's UP

Students on campus | Photo: Matthias Friel

Application Master

Information on the application procedure for the summer semester 2021 | Photo: Matthias Friel

corona virus | Photo: AdobeStock/Romolo Tavani

Important instructions

Information for UP members regarding the coronavirus | Photo: AdobeStock/Romolo Tavani

Environmental scientist Prof. Dr. Thorsten Wagener | Photo: Seila Fernandez Arconada

In High International Demand

University of Potsdam among Top 10 in Humboldt Ranking for the First Time | Photo: Seila Fernandez Arconada

University Magazines

University Magazines

The University Magazines report on current events, extraordinary research projects, university policies and interesting news about studying at the UP.

Dr. Miriam Schwarzenthal | Photo: Mohamed Elaskalani

Diverse for Good Reason

Miriam Schwarzenthal researches intercultural competence and critical consciousness at school | Photo: Mohamed Elaskalani

The research team in Namibia | Photo: Olwen Evans

Where Kudu and Springbok Live

Researchers from Potsdam examine if good wildlife management can help the savanna | Photo: Olwen Evans


Continuing at a distance! Normal operations not possible yet at the University of Potsdam

With the distance and hygiene regulations still in place, no more than a quarter of the courses in the winter semester can be offered in face-to-face formats. This is the realistic assessment of the room planning experts, who are currently making the most of the available capacities.

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