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Condemnation of discriminatory, violent attacks on students in Golm | Photo: AdobeStock/Prostock-studio

Landwirt mit Strohhut hält ein Ei in der einen und ein Smartphone in der anderen an und filmt sich für ein YouTube-Video.

“Hi Guys! Welcome to My New Video …”

Roland Verwiebe and his team investigate the working conditions of YouTubers | Photo: AdobeStock/Video_StockOrg

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz with Archive Director Peer Trilcke.

Olaf Scholz Visits Fontane Archive

The Federal Chancellor informed himself about the work of the literary archive in Potsdam | Photo: Photothek

Lake No Lake is a lake in British Columbia (Canada), dammed by the Tulsequah Glacier in the background (estimated height 150-200 m), which empties several times a year. In the 1990s, this lake, when full, held a volume of over 700 million cubic meters of meltwater. This photograph shows the lake almost completely emptied on 9/16/2022 with icebergs left on the lake bottom.

Dangerous Water

Outburst floods from ice-dammed glacial lakes have changed dramatically | Photo: Georg Veh

By helicopter through the Canadian Arctic. Photo: Ulrike Herzschuh

When it gets warmer

Species extinction in the Arctic - 9,000 years ago and today | Photo: Ulrike Herzschuh

Freigeist Fellow Felix Lang at Campus Golm

The Ultimate Semiconductor

Felix Lang develops solar cells and radiation detectors for outer space and medicine | Photo: Tobias Hopfgarten