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Current information, measures and offers of help at the University of Potsdam

An overview of supporting institutions and initiatives at the University of Potsdam.

What's UP

Studierende gehen die Aussentreppe von Haus 9 am Campus Neues Palais herunter.

Application Master

Information on the application procedure for the winter semester 2023/24 | Photo: Matthias Friel

Prof. Sönke Neitze and Dr. Alex Kay (background).

Cultures of Violence

Insights from work towards a systematic approach to military violence | Photo: K. Ryl

Binary star on course for black hole merger. The smaller, brighter, hotter star (left), which is 32 times the mass of our Sun, is currently losing mass to its bigger companion (right), which has 55 times the mass of our Sun.

Dark couple

Most massive touching stars ever found will eventually collide as black holes | Photo: UCL / J. daSilva

Geoscientist Dr. Gerold Zeilinger wearing AR glasses

Using AR Glasses to Get a Better View

Gerold Zeilinger wants to use augmented reality to make landscape planning decisions easier | Photo: Sandra Scholz

Prof. Dr. Katharina Scheiter

33 Questions ...

... to Prof. Dr. Katharina Scheiter, Professor of Digital Education at the Department of Education ... | Photo: T. Hopfgarten

Robot Nao

Face to Face

David Schlangen wants to enable artificial intelligence to interact with us in real time | Photo: T. Hopfgarten