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Research topic

Photo: Bertrand Fournier
Restoration of Peatland Ecosystem

Patterns and processes of community assembly in anthropogenic landscapes

  • Assessing the abiotic and biotic constraints on the types of species present locally and regionally
  • Understanding ecological community assembly in complex landscapes over multiple spatial scales

Biodiversity and ecological processes in cities:

  • Assessing the mechanisms underlying the impact of human stressor on biodiversity using species traits
  • Development of multi-scale approaches to gain a more mechanistic understanding of urban community assembly
  • Development of strategies to manage human impact on urban ecosystems

Bioindication based on ecological community structure and composition:

  • Identifying indicator species of key ecological patterns and processes
  • Testing the potential of these indicators across ecosystems and scales
  • Developing new approaches to survey and manage ecosystems

Ecosystem restoration

  • Assessing the impact of local ecosystem restoration on biodiversity and ecosystem functions
  • Understanding landscape-scale ecological processes related to local ecosystem restoration
Photo: Bertrand Fournier
Restoration of Peatland Ecosystem