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Research at the Institute

Research at the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Geography takes place in the working groups of the institute professors, the working groups of the jointly appointed professors and in graduate schools.

Analysis of Hydrologic Systems

Head: Prof. Thorsten Wagener

Soil Science and Geoecology

Head: Prof. Stefan Norra

Geographic Education

Head: Prof. Nina Brendel

Geography and Natural Risk Research

Head: Prof. Annegret Thieken

Hydrology and Climatology

Head: Prof. Axel Bronstert

Landscape Ecology

Head: JProf. Bertrand Fournier

Agricultural Sciences

Head: Prof. Hubert Wiggering (retired)

Natural Hazards

Head: Prof. Oliver Korup

Subsurface Hydrology

Head: Prof. Sascha Oswald


Associate Professors

List of jointly appointed and associate professors of the institute