Completed PhD studies

NameTitle of the dissertationScientific discipline SupervisorDay of the disputation
Sieg, Tobias Reliability of flood damage estimations across spatial scalesnatural hazardsProf. B. Merz22.02.2019
Sterzel, Till Analyzing global typologies of socio-ecological vulnerability - The cases of human security in drylands, and rapid coastal urbanization22.02.2019

Öztürk, Ugur

Learning more to predict landslidesnatural hazardsProf. O. Korup21.02.2019
Agarwal, AnkitUnraveling spatio-temporal climatic patterns via multi-scale complex networksgeoecologyProf. J. Kurths (PIK)29.01.2019
Angermann, LisaHillslope-stream connectivity across scales20.12.2018
Hesse, CorneliaIntegrated water quality modelling in meso- to large-scale catchments of the Elbe River basin under climate and land use changegeoecologyProf. A. Bronstert08.11.2018
Murawski, Aline Trends in precipitation over Germany and the Rhine basin related to changes in weather patternshydrologyProf. B. Merz15.06.2018
Theuring, PhillipSuspended sediments in the Kharaa River, Sources and Impactsgeoecologyapl. Prof. M. Rode (UFZ)20. 04.2018
Siegmund, Jonatan Frederik Quantifying impacts of climate extreme events on vegetationProf. G. Lischeid11.01.2018
Wambura, Frank JosephAnalysis of anthropogenic impacts on water resources in the Wami River basin, TanzaniaProf. G. Lischeid19.12.2017
Gudipudi, Venkata RamanaCities and global sustainabilityProf. J. P. Kropp08.12.2017
Schmidt, Silke Regina Analyzing lakes in the time frequency domaingeoecologyProf. G. Lischeid23.11.2017
Munz, MatthiasWater flow and heat transport modelling at the interface between river and aquifergeoecologyProf. S. Oswald23.10.2017
Käthner, JanaInteraction of spatial variability characterized by soil electrical conductivity and plant water status related to generative growth of fruit treesgeoecologyapl. Prof. O. Blumenstein03.04.2017
Schrön, MartinCosmic-Ray Neutron Sensing and its Applications to Soil and Land Surface HydrologyhydrogeologyProf. S. Oswald22.02.2017
Kellermann, PatricAssessing natural risks for railway infrastructure and transportation in AustriaProf. A. Thieken13.02.2017
Stagl, JudithEcosystems' exposure to climate change: Modeling as support for nature conservation managementDr. F. Hattermann, Prof. A. Bronstert12.01.2017
Emberson, RobertChemical weathering driven by bedrock landslidesProf. N. Hovius05.12.2016
Bäse, Frank Interception loss of changing land covers in the humid tropical lowland of Latin America: A synthesis of experimental and modeling approachesProf. Elsenbeer23.11.2016
Hohenbrink, Tobias LudwigTurning a problem into a solution: heterogeneities in soil hydrologyProf. G. Lischeid28.10.2016
Vormoor, KlausThe changing role of snowmelt and rainfall dominated floods in Norway under climate change - observations, projections, uncertaintiesProf. A. Bronstert27.10.2016
Roers, MichaelMethoden zur Dynamisierung von Klimafolgenanalysen im Elbegebiet - Aktualisierung von Szenarienstudien zu den Auswirkungen des Klimawandels und fortlaufende Überprüfung ökohydrologischer ModellergebnisseProf. E. N. Paton14.10.2016
Olonscheck, MadyClimate change impacts on electricity and residential energy demandProf. J. Kropp30.09.2016
Nied , ManuelaThe role of soil moisture and weather patterns for flood occurrence and characteristics at the river basin scaleProf. B. Merz20.07.2016
Gutsch, MartinModel-based analysis of climate change impacts on the productivity of oak-pine forests in BrandenburgProf. W. Cramer11.07.2016
Böttle, MarkusCoastal Floodings in View of Sea Level Rise: Assessing Damage Coasts and Adaption MeasuresProf. J. Kropp27.04.2016
Aich, ValentinFloods in the Niger River Basin in the face of Global Change - Analysis, Attribution and ProjectionsProf. E. N. Paton, Dr. F. Hattermann15.04.2016
Falter, DanielaA novel approach for large-scale flood risk assessments: continuous and long-term simulation of the full flood risk chainProf. B. Merz08.04.2016
Papendiek, FrankaFodder Legumes for green Biorefineries: A Perspective for Sustainable Agricultural Production SystemsProf. H. Wiggering20.02.2016
Kormann, ChristophRegional climate change effects on hydroclimatic conditions in the Alpine region - Detection and attributionProf. A. Bronstert10.02.2016
Borys, AlexanderKohlenstoffspeicherung in Abhängigkeit von Waldpflege, Klimawandel und ÖkonomieDr. F. Suckow, P. Lasch-Born20.01.2016
Hunke, Philip Paul The Brazilian Cerrado: ecohydrological assessment of water and soil degradation in heavily modified meso-scale catchmentsgeoecology / ecohydrologyDr. habil. E. N. Müller27.11.2015
Abon, CatherinaRadar-based Rainfall Retrieval for Flood Forecasting in a Meso-Scale Catchment, the PhilippinesgeoecologyProf. A. Bronstert10.11.2015
Trauth, Nico Flow and reactive transport modeling at the stream-groundwater interfacehydrogeologyProf. S. Oswald09.10.2015
Brosinski, ArlenaSpectral fingerprinting: The potential of VNIR-SWIR spectral characteristics for tracing suspended sediment sourcesgeoecologyProf. A. Bronstert07.09.2015
Düthmann, DorisHydrological modeling of mountain catchments in Central Asia – approaches for data sparse catchmentshydrologyProf. B. Merz (GFZ/Uni Potsdam)16. 06.2015
Busch, Jan Investigations on mobility of carbon colloid supported nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI) for groundwater remediationhydrogeologyProf. S. Oswald28.04.2015
Mohr, Christian Hydrological and erosion responses to man-made and natural disturbances – Insights from forested catchments in south-central ChilegeoecologyProf. A. Bronstert29.01.2014
Rivera Villarreyes, Carlos Cosmic-ray neutron sensing for soil moisture measurements in cropped fieldshydrologyProf. S. Oswald29.01.2014
Anis, Muhammad RehanClimate change effects on overland flowhydrologyPD Dr. M. Rode (UFZ/Uni Potsdam); Prof. S. Attinger (UFZ/Uni Jena)
Conradt, TobiasChallenges of regional hydrological modelling in the Elbe River basin – Investigations about model fidelity on sub-catchment levelhydrologyProf. A. Bronstert06.05.2013
Jagdhuber, TomasSoil Parameter Retrieval under Vegetation Cover using SAR PolarimteryhydrologyProf. A. Bronstert05.07.2012
Alexandre Cunha CostaAnalyzing and modelling of flow transmission processes in river-systems with a focus on semi-arid conditionshydrology Prof. A. Bronstert10.05.2012
Huang, ShaochunModelling of Environmental Change Impacts on Water Resources and Hydrological Extremes in GermanygeoecologyProf. A. Bronstert02.05.2012
Wulf, HendrikSeasonal precipitation, river discharge, and sediment flux in the Western HimalayageomorphologyProf. H. Elsenbeer20.01.2012

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