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Counseling and Advisory services at the University of Potsdam

The University of Potsdam is committed to learning and working together without any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying or stalking. However, if such an incident has occurred (or if you suspect that discrimination may have taken place), there are various contact, counseling and advisory services at the University of Potsdam available to you. These may vary depending on your status as a student or employee at the University of Potsdam. Some of the contact, counseling and advisory services at the University of Potsdam provide advice on conflicts in general, while others specialise in specific topics or grounds of discrimination. Please do not hesitate to contact one of these services. We will work with you in confidence to find out who at the UP can best support you on your concerns. Discrimination, harassment, bullying or stalking must not be a taboo subject at the University of Potsdam!

conflicts and worries


sexism, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation

compatibility, family, care

disabilities and chronic diseases

international students


career planning and promotion

legal counselling


further counselling and advisory centres