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CLEWS courses - all modules with description

In the four-semester fulltime master’s program, you earn a total of 120 credit points.  Each module comprises 6 credit points (CPs). For further information click the module names below...

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I. Mandatory Modules (36 CPs)

These mandatory modules must be successfully completed.

Data Analysis and Management in Earth System Science | GEE-CM01

Numerical methods (Programming) & Introduction to CLEWS | PHY-CM02

Data collection in Earth System Science | GEE-CE03

Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics | PHY-CC01

Debating Club (Student seminars) | PHY-CM03

Introductory modules:
Students will be aligned into one of the two following introductory modules to compensate for the respective lack of specialized knowledge.

Introduction to the Earth System | GEE-CE01

Mathematics & Physics for Earth Sciences | GEE-CE02

II. Elective Modules (54 CPs)

Students can choose out of 19 modules from 5 different fields. 9 modules must be successfully completed.

II.1 Climate/Atmosphere

Dynamics of the Climate System | PHY-SC01

Earth’s Climate History | GEW-SC02

Numerical Models in Climate Science | PHY-SC04

Atmospheric Science in the Anthropocene | GEE-M-V02

II.2 Earth

Land Use – a Key Control of Earth System Processes | GEE-SE01

Earth System Science & Anthropocene | GEE-SE02

The Environmental Modelling Process | GEE-SE03

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II.3 Water

Ocean Dynamics | PHY-SW02

Ice Dynamics | PHY-SW02

Terrestrial Hydrosystems | GEE-SW03

Dryland Hydrology | GEE-M-V04

II.4 Sustainability

Environmental Economics | MWPCEW100

Economics of Climate Change | MWPCEW200

Ecosystem Dynamics and Biodiversity | BIO-SS04

Recent Advances in CLEWS | PHY-SS05

Climate Change Communication | EMW_MA_010

Natural Hazards and Risks | GEE-M-TK7

Climate Change Adaptation | GEE-M-V03

II.5 Research Project

Introductory Research Project | PHY-S01

Master's thesis (30 CPs)