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HazPresso - our group seminar on natural hazards

Aims and structure of the seminar

HazPresso offers time for discussing project-related questions; presenting new scientific articles; developing hypotheses for research ideas; discussing new projects or cooperations; planning field work; presenting progress in Master and Bachelor theses; introducing new software and tools; strengthening presentation skills, and much more. We're open for suggestions!

We also warmly welcome input from members in other working groups, departments or institutes. These more informal talks should ideally relate to a topic from natural hazards and/ or geomorphology. If you like to present and discuss your work, regardless of your stage or progress, feel free to contact Georg Veh. We will schedule your talk appropriately.

In the winter term 2022 / 2023, we will meet every Wednesday, 10:00 - 11:30 h, in the seminar room 1.15 in house 1, Campus Golm.