Accessibility Statement – University of Potsdam

The University of Potsdam is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for persons with disabilities. We are continuously improving the user-friendliness of all applications and strive to make our services accessible in accordance with the Brandenburg Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance – BbgBITV.

This accessibility statement applies to the central websites of the University of Potsdam – – and the central web services,,,,,,, and
This statement does not apply to project websites and web services of organizational units at the university that operate independent web applications.

Efforts to Promote Accessibility

The University of Potsdam takes the following measures to ensure accessibility:

  • Digital accessibility is part of our mission statement.
  • Accessibility is part of our internal guidelines.
  • Within the university, clear goals and responsibilities have been defined.

Conformance Status

Partial conformance: This application partially meets the EN 301 549 requirements.

Methodology of the Evaluation: Self-assessment

Created on: August 25, 2020 
Last Evaluation: August 25, 2020

Known Problems in Relation to Accessibility

Despite our best efforts, some problems may occur during use. 
This is a description of the content that is known to be non-accessible. Please contact us if you encounter a problem that is not listed.

  • Apart from the main pages, text alternatives for images and tables as well as link descriptions are missing in some cases.
  • There may be errors in the structure and content hierarchy or links may be incomprehensible.
  • Not all documents are available in an accessible version.
  • Subtitles or audio descriptions are not available for videos in most cases.
  • Alternatives for audio files and silent videos are rare or not available.
  • Cartographic depictions are currently not accessible.
  • Online forms are not accessible in most cases.  
  • Moving contents (so-called sliders) cannot be switched off.
  • The addition of sections for “Simple Language” and “Sign Language” to the homepage is currently being worked on.
  • Web services that require registration are not always accessible.

As a university we have a very large and versatile website and run complex central web applications with many people involved. The website and the central web applications were published before September 23, 2018 and do not reflect the current state of accessibility requirements. 
Various documents from office applications (such as PDF files) could not yet be completely converted due to their large number and complexity. 
We are working on making the web content and documents available in an accessible format.

Support for Students and Employees

Feedback Mechanism

Please let us know if there are existing deficits relating to compliance with accessibility requirements. Information that is not accessible without barriers can be requested in an accessible format.

University of Potsdam 
Am Neuen Palais 10 
14469 Potsdam 
E-Mail: bitvuni-potsdamde

Enforcement Procedures

If an accessibility request to the University of Potsdam remains unanswered in whole or in part within three weeks, or if you are not satisfied with the answer, the competent inspection agency will, upon your request, examine whether measures are to be taken within the scope of the inspection with respect to the public authority.

Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Integration and Consumer Protection of the State of Brandenburg 
Commissioner of the State Government for Matters Relating to Persons with Disabilities – Enforcement Office – 
Henning-von-Tresckow-Straße 2-13, Building S, 14467 Potsdam 
E-Mail: Durchsetzung.BITMSGIV.Brandenburgde

Formal Approval of This Accessibility Statement

Chief Information Officer (CIO) 
Dr. Peter Kostädt 
E-Mail: ciouni-potsdamde

Potsdam, September 16, 2020