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Reflection in digital learning cultures - a participative research project with the Voltaireschule Potsdam

Project description:

The participative project "Reflection in digital learning cultures" will test and evaluate over a school year how digital learning environments can be used to diagnose and promote reflection processes among pupils and to support teachers in practical teaching settings. Ten teachers of the Potsdam Voltaire School will collaborate with Prof. Dr. Nina Brendel (geography didactics) and Dr. Lena Florian (mathematics didactics) of the University of Potsdam. The main focus is on the question of how digital reflection environments can contribute to a "New Learning Culture". In addition to the general didactic, overarching question, concrete partial questions are generated directly from everyday teaching practice with the teachers.

As a real participative project (according to von Unger), the questions, project planning, implementation, evaluation and distribution are jointly answered for and carried out by the school partners* and the scientists. The aim is to develop new didactic concepts for the use of digital learning environments in the sense of the KMK strategy "Education in the digital world" in a constant dialogue between theory and practice.

The findings from this pilot project will be made available to other schools and distributed at public events and teacher training courses. On the other hand, it is planned to further develop the concepts iteratively in further cycles. 

Project participants:

  • Prof. Dr. Nina Brendel, Juniorprofessur für Geographische Bildung
  • Dr. Lena Florian, Mathematikdidaktik

Project funding:

funded by the Hans Sauer Foundation

Processing time:

8/2018 bis voraussichtlich 09/2019

"Reflexion in digitalen Lernkulturen - ein partizipatives Pilotprojekt zwischen Praxis und Forschung"
(Keynote beim Tag der Lehrerbildung 2019 der Universität Potsdam)