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Language Courses for International Students (e. g., Erasmus+)

  1. Zessko will try to offer you at least one spot in a suitable German course (German as a Foreign Language – “DaF”) in which you can earn ECTS points. In order to participate in a German course at Zessko, you have to take a placement test, except for courses at the A1.1 level (CEFR). Please inform yourself about the course program and test dates on our DaF website.
  2. Please do not plan any courses in other languages or include them in your Learning Agreement, as Zessko cannot guarantee you a spot in the course. This particularly applies for A1 to B1 (UNIcert® Basis and UNIcert® I) courses and for English courses (B2-C1 / UNIcert® II and III).  
  3.  At the beginning of the semester, you should first contact Zessko to see if there are any vacant spots in the language courses. If so, you can then register for these courses in PULS and enter them in your Learning Agreement. Please note that also in this case a placement test (from level A2 GeR on) is mandatory.
  4. If you are a student of philology (e. g. English, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish) and the language is your main subject, please contact the respective language department at Zessko as soon as possible to find out if and under which circumstances you can participate in the language practice courses.
  5. If you are a student of German Studies, you can find your German courses at the Department of German Studies.