Independent Study

image: sheets of paper with writings and a pencil lying on them
Photo: Silka Rödl; edited by: Geeske Strecker/Zessko

An important component of your studies is independent study: independent of courses, individual, self-directed. Zessko offers you counseling, places for independent study, and tutorials to help you reach your independent study goals.

image: group work at Griebnitzsee Media Center

Learning in general

The independent study area supports you with learning tips, literature, and comfortable learning facilities.

image: a student in the library


Writing assistance provides tips, literature, and advice about writing.

Building 9 at Neues Palais


Presentation coaching assists presenters with feedback and encouragement for presentations.

Image: Scrabble letters form the word "grammar" in differnet languages

Learning languages in a tutorial

The independent study division offers language tutorials to support you while you learn a language.

Image: Tandem bicycle

Learning languages in tandem

The independent study division supports learning languages in tandem.

Image: Calender with appointment for a job interview

Working with us

You can work in our team, for example as a peer tutor or in our Media Center.