Application for German A1.1 courses

Who can apply:

  • Online applications are possible only for A1.1 courses. Please see placement and registration for information about how to apply for German courses on level A2.1 and higher.
  • Students, doctoral candidates, and employees at the University of Potsdam, or at one of the cooperating academic institutions or research institutions in the Potsdam region may apply by filling in the online form below.
  • Guests should contact us directly.


Registration is possible as of April 1 and October 1.

Please fill out the form below (after 1st April/1st October) if you would like to register for the basic course A1 (beginners). Please note: After you have submitted the form you need to confirm again to actually send the data to Zessko.

In general, we decide within one or two weeks whether or not you will be admitted to the course and send a confirmation e-mail.

Please consult the course catalogue (from March 16th / September 16th update available for the upcoming semster) to see when the courses are being held.


Unfortunately all A1 courses are booked out. 

For inquiries please see the Virtual DaF Office.