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DaF – Placement & registration

Are you a student or an employee at the University of Potsdam (UP) and would you like to learn German as a foreign language at the Zessko? Please, choose the appropriate application, according to your personal situation (see table below) and please note the current registration period.

Application period for German language classes (DaF) in the summer semester 2024

1) On the Zessko webpage:

  • A1 online form: Please note that this form is only active as of April 1st. Admission from April 4th.
  • Placement tests (courses on A2 to C1 level): from March 25th until April 3rd, 2 pm. Admission to the courses from April 4th.

2) PULS – for full-time students at the University of Potsdam (Bachelor - Studiumplus, German speaking Master programs):


Table of ways to enrol in a German course at Zessko
Photo: Zessko-DaF

How do I obtain a place in a German course at the Zessko?

I would like to start with DaF - beginners (A1, A1.2).

I would like to continue a course at the Zessko (A2.1 – C2).

I would like to attend my first DaF course at the Zessko and have prior knowledge of the German language.

I am studying for a bachelor’s degree at the UP and would like to take DaF courses for Studiumplus.