English/Key Competences

Registration for English Courses in Summer Semester 2022

Important Information about Participation in English / Key Competences Courses

  1. Participating in a course is only possible when students have taken a placement test and then registered for and been successfully admitted to the course via PULS (unless you are a member of staff).
  2. Participating in language courses is generally free of cost for students who are enrolled at German universities as well as University of Potsdam exchange students.
  3. Fees for UNIcert exams and DAAD language certificates will be charged in accordance with the Zessko Schedule of Fees (Gebührensatzung des Zessko).

Students in the teacher-training Bachelor degree programme, Erasmus, Master, and PhD students as well as members of staff can be admitted to courses only when the size of the group does not exceed 20 students. Admission to the course then takes place, if possible, in the first week of the lecture period.