Placement Test Dates

  • Reason why the placement test is obligatory: English courses are offered at six different levels. The prerequisite for taking English courses at Zessko is therefore, without exception, a valid placement test result.
  • Online test open (for students of all subjects except law, see further down below):  as of Oct 19, 2020, 09:00 a.m. until Nov 06, 2020, 24:00. Will reopen for the registration period of the summer semester of 2021.
  • Duration of the online test: 35 minutes.
  • Availability of online test results in PULS (so that students can apply for a place in a course): on the following working day, from 10:00

Students from all departments (EXCEPT LAW STUDENTS!)

  1. Before you start, make sure you can work on the placement test for up to 35 minutes without disturbance or interruption. It is not possible to quick-save the test or to re-register. This test can only be taken again at the beginning of the next semester, at the earliest.
  2. The result of the placement test is binding and has to match the score listed as a prerequisite for the course you wish to enroll in.
  3. Please work independently and without a dictionary or any other help. Be careful to write your name and your Matriculation Number correctly when you register for the test.
  4. Students who would like to repeat the placement test must present proof before they take the test again that they have in the meantime successfully completed a language course of at least 4 semester hours (60 x 45 minutes) or have studied abroad.
  5. Students who are registered at other universities should enter their own Matriculation Number when registering for the placement test.
  6. People who are merely auditing a course, alumni and staff, or are otherwise not currently registered as university students should think of a seven-digit number NOT BEGINNING WITH 7 or 8, write it down for later reference, and enter it into the system.
  7. The test result as well as information concerning course registration will be displayed when the test has been completed and submitted.

    Link to the Sample Test

    Link to the Online Placement Test: Will be available for the registration period for the winter semester of 2020/21

    You can contact our staff in the English Department if you have any further questions concerning the test or concerning course registration.

  • English for Academic Purposes, UNIcert II: Herr Skowronek (skowron @
  • English for Academic Purposes, UNIcert III: Frau Dr. Hirsch (hirsch @
  • English for Economics and Business Studies, UNIcert III: Herr Meier (davmeier @
  • English for Economics and Social Sciences, UNIcert IV: Herr Meier (davmeier @
  • English for the Natural Sciences, UNIcert III: Herr Skowronek (skowron @
  • English for the Social Sciences, UNIcert III: Herr Skowronek (skowron @
  1. Students who are registered at other universities (visiting students), University of Potsdam staff and alumni as well as interested others (auditors) who would like to take an English course at the University of Potsdam should inform Steffen Skowronek (skowron @ of their test result and let him know which courses they are interested in. As University of Potsdam students have to be given priority in the admission process, others will be informed about remaining places via e-mail only after the first week of the lecture period. Auditors and visiting students also have to submit a formal application to the Offfice of Student Affairs and will only be allowed to participate in the courses when this formal application has been granted.
  2. The placement test for the English department is valid for at least three years, or as long as the result is shown under “My test results” in PULS or EES; in general, the results are applicable until a student completes his or her studies at the University of Potsdam. 

Law students

For law students in the third-semester and higher who have not yet taken the English placement test, the next date is Thursday, September 3, 2020 at 11:00 in lecture hall H05 in Griebnitzsee.

For first-semester law students: Tests dates will be announced during the registration week in October 2020.

  • Prior registration is required for all tests for law students.


Important information on the placement test