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Photo: Zessko, UP

UNIcert® Exams and UNIcert® Certificates

The changes to course organization and management in Summer Semester 2020 will have an impact on the UNIcert® certificate examinations.

In cooperation with the University administration, Zessko has established the following guidelines, which will only be in effect for Summer Semester 2020 (SoSe 2020):

  • The UNIcert® certificate examination cannot and will not be executed as an online examination. However, UNIcert® course examinations to acquire credit points wil be offered.
  • The UNIcert® certificate examination can only be offered at the end of the lecture period in SoSe 2020 if the respective courses can be offered as classroom courses from June 15, 2020 on.
  • If the UNIcert® courses cannot be held as classroom courses but must instead continue as online courses even after June 15, 2020, the UNIcert® certificate exams will be scheduled for the next possible date in August or September 2020 as classroom exam under the strict contition that this type of exam can be carried out. The exams cannot be postponed to Winter Semester 2020/2021.

We ask students who plan on submitting a UNIcert® certificate with their application to a Master's program to contact the program admissions officer about the possible recognition of other certificates. Current information about corona-related changes to the  Master's application process can be found on the respective Master's program website or on the University's website.