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Information for Partner Universities


Applications from your students to the University of Potsdam can only be taken into account if you nominate them using e-Nomination. Once nominated, the students will be informed directly per e-mail about the application procedure at our university.

To nominate students, please use our nomination form.

  • Deadline for nomination for winter semester: 15 April
  • Deadline for nomination for summer semester: 15 October

Searching for Courses

Before getting nominated, students who are interested in studying at the University of Potsdam should check our online portal to see if there is a suitable offer of courses for them. This especially applies to students who can only attend courses in English. Please inform your nominees about the possibility of searching for courses online, which is explained in the following video.

UPrepare: Registration of the students

Students who are nominated receive an invitation to register for our online portal UPrepare

  • in the beginning of November (for the coming summer semester) or
  • in the beginning of May (for the coming winter semester).

Registering for UPrepare and fulfilling the tasks listed there is required for all program students. In UPrepare, detailed information is offered to program students regarding registering at the University of Potsdam, taking German language courses and general courses at the university, and all other important issues regarding studying and living in Potsdam.

Registration at the University of Potsdam

All students must complete a registration form and send it to the International Office. The registration form can be accessed via UPrepare.

  • Deadline for registration for winter semester: 15 June.
  • Deadline for registration for summer semester: 15 December.

Participation in language courses at Zessko (Center for Languages and Key Competences)

We kindly ask for your understanding that Zessko cannot offer English courses to your students.

Please note that students of English and American Studies still have the opportunity to attend courses at the Department of English and American Studies. In individual cases, we may consider participation in the Department’s English language courses.

Application for a Room in a Student Residence Hall

Students must individually apply for a room in a student residence hall of the Student Services (Studentenwerk) Potsdam. Please use its online form to apply for a room. The application form and important information regarding  application can be found via UPrepare. Students should not complete the form without first reading the information in UPrepare. Registration with the International Office for a service fee will give exchange students  priority in the waiting list for the dorm rooms.

When to arrive and depart Potsdam

Semester Arrival Departure
Winter Semester (01 October – 31 March) 01 October (in the case that this falls on a weekend or holiday, please arrive on the next work day) not before mid-February
Sommersemester (01 April – 30 September) 01 April (in the case that this falls on a weekend or holiday, please arrive on the next work day) not before the end of July

Semester Fees (Semesterbeiträge)

All students, including exchange students and scholarship holders, must pay semester fees (around 265 Euros per Semester). These fees include payment for the semester ticket and fees for social services. There are no actual enrollment fees.

Transcript of Records

Please note that the courses and achievements of program students are not registered electronically. Accordingly, the International Office cannot automatically generate a transcript of records. Program students must provide the documents of their courses and achievements for the International Office in order for us to issue a transcript of records. Students will be informed in a timely manner about the required steps for obtaining a transcript of records.

Health insurance

For enrollment, a health insurance check by a German statutory health insurance company is mandatory. Therefore, the proof of health insurance does not have to be sent to the University of Potsdam, but to a German statutory health insurance company. The latter decides whether the existing health insurance is valid for studying in Germany. This is the case if the coverage corresponds to that of a German statutory health insurance.