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The Placement Test for Law Students

The prerequisite for taking all English courses at the University of Potsdam, without exception, is the placement test. The result students receive in the placement test will determine which English course they will take.

It is recommended that students take the placement test in their first or second semester so that they can use their results to plan which course or courses they need to take. Those students who score between 50 and 54 points on the placement test will need to take more than one English course: an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) II/1 course followed by an English for Law course. These students are advised to take the EAP II/1 course as early as possible.

Law students who have not yet taken the placement test, please follow this link to sign up on the information list.

The placement test is a 100-item test conducted via Moodle that lasts 40 minutes. It is comprised of various written test units, including vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and gap-filling tasks. Because it is a diagnostic test to ascertain students’ current language competence, it is neither necessary nor useful to prepare for this test. In order to familarise themselves with the question format as well as the content and the level of the test, students are strongly recommended to take a practice placement test – on the very same English Placement Test Moodle.

Course Assignments on the Basis of the Placement Test Results

Placement test result

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(as of October 04, 2022)

0-49 pointsNo courses are available at the University of Potsdam. Students will need to complete a course outside the university.Students can also fulfil the law faculty’s foreign language requirement by taking courses in other languages.
50-54 pointsUNIcert II/1 English for Academic PurposesSuccessful completion of the course DOES NOT fulfil § 9 of programme regulations. Students will need to then take an English for Law course.
55-69 pointsUNIcert II/2 English for LawSuccessful completion of the course fulfils § 9 of programme regulations.
70-100 pointsUNIcert III/1 English for LawSuccessful completion of the course fulfils § 9 of programme regulations.
Only as follow-up to English for Law III/1UNIcert III/2 English for Law
Prepares for UNIcert III exam (Level C1).
Students can be admitted to this course only once they have successfully completed an English for Law III/1 course.