Placement test

Retrieving placement test results for students of law via EES:

results from the summer semester 2017

Information on the Placement Tests

The prerequisite for taking all English courses at the University of Potsdam, without exception, is the placement test.

For students in the 2nd semester who have not yet taken the placement test, please follow this link to sign up on the information list.

For first-semester law students, the test date will be announced during the introductory week of the FSR Jura

  • Prior registration required.

Placement Tests for Students of Law

For first-semester students, the test is usually held both during the introductory events at Zessko’s language departments in October, as well as on another date in November. For students in later semesters, the test is offered at least once each semester, during the registration week before courses begin. 

In the field of law, the following course assignments are made on the basis of the placement test results:

Placement test results

Course description

Information and registration

50-59 points

UNIcert II/1 EAP

Info and registration via PULS

60-69 points

UNIcert II/2 EAP

Info and registration via PULS

70-100 points

UNIcert III/1
English for Law

Information and Registration

80-100 points

UNIcert III/1
The American Legal
System, Part 1

Information and Registration

Only after Part 1

UNIcert III/2
The American Legal
System, Part 2

Information and Registration

* EAP: English for Academic Purposes