Welcome to the French Department

The French Department is located at Complex I, the Neues Palais Campus, in Building 19
> Applied language courses for Romance language students in their basic studies
> Language courses for students of all disciplines (key competence)
and in Complex III, the Griebnitzsee Campus, Building 6
> Language courses for students of all disciplines (key competence), advising, supervised language tandems

Latest news:  French/Philology:

The PLACEMENT TEST for Sommersemester 2019-20 will take place on first of april 2020 (10:00 - 12:00) at Zessko, Neues Palais Campus (Computerpool). Please bring your student ID or identity card with you.

Caution ! If you wish to take the test, registration is mandatory. Registration can only be completed online as of 15 march 2020. You will find the registration link and further detailed information on placement and the tests here. 

Comprehensive information on attending courses is at Philology Courses & Learning Opportunities/Registration/Information (Philologie/Kurse & Lernangebote/Einschreibung/Informationen).

We’ll be happy to provide any information you may need. Our contact data and office hours are listed here.


Please see the German-language website for more information.