Student projects

Action Week for Climate Protection 2019

As part of the Action Week for Climate Protection which took place from 25.11 to 29.11, staff at the University of Potsdam focused on the topic of climate change in several forums. Joanna Thompson discussed how to talk about climate change with children. Students were then given the task of shooting short videos which dealt with one aspect of this topic in English.
They worked in three groups, with one preparing a vegan meal, one participating in an upcycling task and one group discussing the protection of woodland areas.

One of the videos can be viewed here.

Collage pictures from the tasks
Image: Zessko

COIL Project

The University of Potsdam is part of the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Network. This COIL course in Winter Semester 2016/17 brought together students at the University of Potsdam and students at the SUNY Broome Community College. They learned and worked together synchronously in the classroom during class time via Skype, Moodle, and other digital media. For further information please click here.

Screenshot Video


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Recorder, students in the background
Photo: Thomas Roese

On this page, you will find links to podcasts that students in our courses have created. Maybe you will have the chance to make a podcast in one of your courses with us!

Have fun!