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Foreign Language as a Key Competence

Foreign language as an interdisciplinary key competence - foreign language courses integrated into degree courses

Multilingualism is one of the most important factors for personal development and professional success. It enables active participation in society and contributes to social inclusion. A command of several languages also opens up access to international knowledge and research and to other cultures. It is a key factor for work and study-related stays abroad.

These are just some of the reasons why the European Union has defined the mastery of two foreign languages as one of the most important educational goals.

With this in mind, the University of Potsdam offers its students the opportunity to integrate foreign languages into their studies as part of Studiumplus. In the modules  Foreign Language I and Foreign Language II, students can choose from eleven different languages and in this way acquire key competencies specific to their professional field, usually amounting to 6 CP per language course. The courses in the Intercultural Communication module explicitly combine foreign languages with the acquisition of intercultural communicative skills. At the same time, they usually take the form of learning projects (language tandem, self-directed learning with language learning advice, individual study projects) amounting to 3 CP per project and thus expand the range of language courses (other languages, e.g. Ukrainian, or specific skills, e.g. mediation).

Foreign language training at Zessko follows the UNIcert® standards. The Zessko has been one of the accredited institutions in the UNIcert® network since 1994. Students acquire foreign language skills for general academic purposes or receive specialized foreign language training in a practical and needs-oriented, university-specific and scientifically sound manner.  The following languages are currently on offer: Chinese, English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.