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Welcome to the Chinese Department


Huanying xuexi Hanyu!

I am very pleased that you have decided to learn Chinese, the world’s most-spoken language. Chinese may also be one of the easiest languages to learn because there is no grammatical gender (der, die, das in German), no declination (der Tisch, des Tisches, dem Tisch, etc.), and no conjugations (ich trinke, du trinkst, etc.). Pronunciation, however, is unusual for Europeans. The pictorial characters used to write and read Chinese are difficult to learn, but many people who learn Chinese say that learning to write them is fun.

I offer instruction in standard Chinese, the language of the largest nationality in China (Han). It is also one of the official languages at the United Nations (UNO).

I wish you great success in your studies!

Hu, Ying

Please see the German-language website for more information.