Text: Sprachcafés at Zessko; Symbol: a steaming cup of coffee
Photo: Zessko
Come and sign up for the language café! We are looking forward to meeting you there.

In addition to the existing language courses and independent learning opportunities across varying levels, Potsdam University's Zessko (Department?) is offering language cafés in the following languages:

German: „Sprachcafé Deutsch als Fremdsprache“

English: „English Language Café“

Spanish: „Conversación y Café“

Students who are passionate about languages have the opportunity in their free-time to chat about all things English and English-speaking cultures in a relaxed and casual environment. Tutors of native-speaker level will also be there to co-ordinate the events.

The participants are encouraged to actively participate and have their say in planning future topics and activities. Emphasis is placed primarily on conversation - language and culture should be experienced and discussed together.

All three language cafés meet once a week - either online or on-campus.

Register in the Sprachcafé moodle to secure your spot right from the start! There is a limited number of participants.