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Students of law at the University of Potsdam must complete a foreign legal language course (see Programme Regulations or „Studienordnung“,  § 9). Students who select English as a foreign language fulfil the law faculty’s foreign language requirement and will receive a certificate of participation (Teilnahmeschein) if they successfully complete one of the courses:

"UNIcert II/2 Englisch der Rechtswissenschaft - English for Law" or
"UNIcert III/1 Englisch der Rechtswissenschaft - English for Law".

Successful completion of an English for Law course requires regular attendance (four hours of class a week for one semester) and passing an end-of-course test.

Students are advised to take the course in their third, fourth, or fifth semester of study, although taking the course in the second or sixth semester is also possible. Students will need to submit their certificate of participation (Teilnahmeschein) to demonstrate completion of the foreign language requirement only when they register for the exam in their area of specialisation (Schwerpunktbereichsprüfung).