Students of law at the University of Potsdam must complete an English course for legal language (Course Regulations § 9). Students who select English as a foreign language fulfill this foreign language requirement if they successfully complete an UNIcert III/1 course for English legal language with 4 semester hours, either„English for Law“ or „The American Legal System – Part 1“.

Students who cannot demonstrate the necessary language skills for the UNIcert III/1 level (at least 70% on the placement test) must successfully complete one or two UNIcert II courses in order to be admitted to an UNIcert III/1 course in the following semester.

Students who are planning to study abroad or do an internship abroad, or who want to improve their English legal language skills, should complete the UNIcert III/1 and III/2 courses, “The American Legal System – Parts 1 and 2,” and then earn the UNIcert III certificate.

The Law Faculty recommends that language training begin in the first, second, or third semester. The times at which the III/1 courses are offered are therefore planned specifically for the schedules of this target group; however, they are also open to students who are further along in their studies.