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Language Learning Counseling

Logo Language counseling at Zessko
Photo: Ch. Lehker, University of Potsdam
  • Language Learning Counseling at Zessko is a form of learning that is independent from a course. Learners work on individual learning projects in a flexible way and can draw on support from professional learning consultants (download schematic diagram in German).
  • If the learning project and the learning process fulfill certain conditions, learners can earn credit points through Studiumplus (3 CPs, without a grade).
  • A typical learning process begins with a self-evaluation of your own language level and your language-learning biography up to the present. This forms the foundation for learners to develop their own learning objectives, develop their own learning project, and plan, document and evaluate the learning process. They receive feedback from their learning consultant and participate in workshops dedicated to the topic of autonomous learning.