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Courses in English for the Natural Sciences as a Key Competence

Students in all fields of the Natural Sciences can complete English courses that correspond to their placement test results, thus completing credit points in their key competence areas, depending on their Course Regulations, and acquiring important additional professional and key competences.

Courses in English for the Natural Sciences as a Supplementary Offering

Students in courses of study and subjects that do not include key competences, for example teacher-training or Master’s programs, can in principle attend all English courses for which the participation requirements are met in the form of a placement test results that meets the course requirements (see course descriptions in PULS for further information).

For students who are planning to study abroad or complete an internship abroad, or who are interested in a Master’s program, and who need proof of the

C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference,

we recommend, in accordance with their respective prior skills, to complete the UNIcert® III level examinations to earn a UNIcert certificate.