Placement and registration

Information on the placement tests

The prerequisite for taking all English courses at the University of Potsdam, without exception, is the placement test. 

In economics and business studies, the following binding course assignments are made on the basis of the placement test results:

Placement test resultsCourse description Information and registration
50-59 pointsUNIcert II/1 EAP***Info and registration via PULS
60-69 pointsUNIcert II/2 EAP***Info and registration via PULS
70-79 pointsUNIcert III/1 (Wiwi*)Info and registration via PULS
80-100 pointsUNIcert III/2 (Wiwi*)Info and registration via PULS
90-100 pointsUNIcert IV/1 (Wiw/Sowi**)Info and registration via PULS
Only after IV/1 (as of winter
semester 19/20)**
UNIcert IV/2 (Wiwi/Sowi**)Info and registration via PULS

* Wiwi: English for Economics and Business Studies
** Wiwi/Sowi: Englisch for Economics and Business Studies and for the Social Sciences.
*** EAP: English for Academic Purposes / Englisch für akademische Zwecke

Course Enrollment Dates:

Winter semester: 1 October
Summer semester: 1 April

Further information on the placement tests

Description of the test

The placement test is a 100-item test that lasts 35 minutes. It is comprised of various written test units, including vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and cloze tests. Because it is designed as a diagnostic test to ascertain your current language competence, it is neither necessary nor useful to prepare for this test.

Please take the placement test in your first or second semester so that you can use your results to plan which courses [UNIcert II/1, UNIcert II/2, UNIcert III/1, UNIcert III/2 or, alternatively, with a placement test result of 90+ points, UNIcert IV/1 and IV/2] you want to take, meaning how many semesters you will need at the least to complete your degree program.