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Study Abroad Periods and Internships Abroad

We will get you ready for the international job market!

International experience is important for good career prospects.

Please refer to the following websites of the International Office to learn how the University of Potsdam can support you:
Studying abroad, Internships abroad, International Week.

To ensure success during your stay abroad, you should be well-prepared and

  • start planning as early as possible: get information, make contacts, assess your own resources, set individual goals;
  • evaluate your own language skills (or have them evaluated) and prepare in terms of language and intercultural skills (language courses at Zessko, language tandem)
  • Clarify deadlines, financing, and questions regarding course equivalence.
  • ...

Please contact the individual language departments if necessary to get specific information about language-related and intercultural preparation for a study abroad period in a country where the target language is spoken.

Our partner institutions at the EDUC universities offer (online) language courses for the respective national language at regular intervals. On this page, you will find all current opportunities to improve your language skills or learn a new language.