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DAAD Tests

Students and interested parties who are currently not enrolled at one of Potsdam's state universities will not be tested.

Schedule of Fees (in German)

The DAAD tests are intended exclusively for students at institutions of higher education at Potsdam who are applying for a student exchange program or an internship. The DAAD test ‘diagnoses’ existing competences in listening and reading comprehension, as well as writing and speaking skills, and certifies language skills for applications to participate in a student exchange program or for funding from other scholarship programs. This is why this test cannot be used for admission to master’s degree program and does not replace the placement test that is mandatory for participation in English courses.

Students from other universities or applicants who are currently not enrolled at a university cannot be admitted to the DAAD test at the University of Potsdam.

Registration is done online via the University of Potsdam Moodle. There is more information on the registration confirmation about your duty to inform us of cancellations or withdrawals in the DAAD Test moodle "course". Students who do not de-register for the test at least eight working days before the exam, or who do not show up punctually in the testing room for the beginning of the exam, will be blocked from participating in all DAAD tests for one year. In the event of an excusable absence (court date, sudden illness), students must inform the test proctor IMMEDIATELY and BEFORE the test and provide an official document. We ask for your understanding in this matter. This is necessary because, in the past, last-minute cancellations, failure to appear, and tardiness have again and again impacted the availability of seats.

Sucessful participants will receive their DAAD language certificate after the test.

Test Dates / Test Registration

The DAAD tests at Zessko’s English / Key Competences department are generally held in biweekly intervals during the lecture periods at the Griebnitzsee campus or online. As soon as dates are scheduled, they are posted in the Moodle course Anmeldung für DAAD-Tests, Englisch where students can register in advance - as long as there are free slots for the scheduled test date/s. 

Students and UP staff who have successfully registered for a specific date in the Moodle course will receive an e-mail with a confirmation of their registration as well as a request for payment via bank transfer one week before their test date.

Please provide evidence of your bank transfer and bring along your Student ID card as well as the completed form (next paragraph).

How to Prepare for the Test

Print the "Language certificate for German applicants", fill out the first page and the top portion of the following pages, and bring it with you to the test.

Special preparation is not necessary for the DAAD test because it is diagnostic in nature. We can recommend, however, that students spend some time "in the language" by reading, listening to the radio or watching film or television, particularly if they have not used English for a long time.

Test Content and Procedure

Reading Comprehension: Original reading texts, about 600 words; reading comprehension tasks focused on text and vocabulary comprehension; 20 minutes total.
Writing: Write a short text of about 180 words on scholarly, general, or exchange-related topics in 30 minutes.
Listening Comprehension: Included in the Speaking/Oral Skills section
Speaking/Oral Skills: Individual discussion on general, academic and professional topics; duration: 10 minutes.

- Introduction and General Topics:  Language learning, Travelling, Everyday life at university- Academic: University subjects, Courses and course contents, Specialisations, Terminology- Professional:  Details of intended exchange, Career opportunities, Current research projects and studies

The test generally takes up to 2.5 hours, depending on how many students are taking it.

Recognition of Alternative Certificates

Students who can provide documentation of one of the following language certificates (not older than two years) do not have to take the DAAD test and can submit a copy of their certificate together with their application.

- UNIcert certificate, Level III or IV
- PTE Academic
- Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency A, B, C
- Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English A or B

Repeating the DAAD Test

Students who would like to take the DAAD test again must provide proof at their second test date that they have completed at least 60 units (1 unit = 45 minutes) of English instruction since taking the first test.

Students and staff at Film University Babelsberg and the University of Applied Sciences

Student staffers (SHKs, WHKs and tutors) at the University of Potsdam register as described above. Students and staff at the Babelsberg Film University and the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam can sign up for the test via the same moodle that can be accessed by logging in, supplying the university's name in the "institution" field and using the original university's access data - their own account and password.