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Language Learning Counseling - English

Scheduling an appointment for Language Learning Counseling in English in the current semester (Link to Table)

Students and UP staff who are not sure about taking the English language learning counselling "course", or who are interested in it and would just like to know more about it,  can participate in an introductory online meeting on

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023, at 17:00 in the zoom room to get a quick overview and ask any questions that they may have.

No password (Kenncode) needed.

Getting Started with Counselling / with your Learning Project

Once you have taken the English Placement Test and successfully registered in PULS for this learning opportunity and been admitted, please complete the following three steps immediately.

Step 1. Download the Materials for course participants--> this document will be updated on March 21, 2023, for the summer semester) and read this document carefully. You are preparing for your first advising session and should have a clear idea of how the course will proceed, and that you, as a learner, can and must make decisions about your own learning.

One of the prerequisites for successful course participation is that you are ready and in a position to invest time (about four hours a week) in learning English on your own, in planning and reflecting on your learning, meaning that you will learn effective ways to learn a language and to reflect on what you have achieved.

Step 2. If you are interested in a course and would like to book an appointment for an initial consultation, please fill out the registration form in .doc format This form contains information that is indispensable for a meaningful and efficient initial consultation, including an individual learning assessment, information about your learning and your initial reflections on your previous experiences with studying a foreign language on your own. It is imperative for the consultation that this document be filled out carefully and completely and submitted at least one week before the initial consultation date.
Step 3. Go to the website for appointment scheduling, select two to three appointments, and send the form approximately one week before your requested appointment to Steffen Skowronek via email (skowron(at) Please note the instructions below under “appointment scheduling.” 

The Initial Consultation  

It is essential that you bring to your initial consultation the learning materials that you would like to use during the semester for your self-study. We can also provide students with recommendations about materials. Additional topics in the initial consultation are questions about learning motivation, setting learning goals, planning, and the learning contract. 

Appointment Scheduling and Follow-up Consultations  

Scheduling an individual consultation appointment always requires coordination with your learning advisor – per email, in person, by telephone or by letter – and the table is updated as confirmation. At these consultations, please always bring your learning plan, your learning journal or some other form of learning documentation, and the relevant learning materials, for example to discuss questions that may have come up as you worked through them.