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Examination Modalities

Examination Registration

The exams are generally held at the end of the semester in which you attended the course. If the exam is not given at the end of the semester, then the exam candidates must register in a timely fashion for the exam, both in PULS and at Zessko (repeat / make-up exams).

According to the Course and Examination Regulations for subject-related foreign language education at Zessko at the University of Potsdam, candidates must register in writing 6 (six) weeks before the end of the class period with their instructor for the UNIcert® III exams. In addition to registration in PULS, a separate application for admission to the UNIcert® III WiWiEn exam must be filled out in person in the course. This separate application does not replace your test registration in PULS! Students who take this course as a key competence component only fill out the UNIcert® application; they do not need to register separately for the exam in PULS.

Withdrawing from the UNIcert® III Exam
The date determined by the Examining Board at Zessko serves as the date of withdrawal from the exam. If the student does not appear at the examination, without valid reasons, or leaves the examination without valid reasons, then they are given a grade of "insufficient / NB / 5.0."