German as foreign language (DaF)

Image: Students learning German
Photo: C. Fritze / UP, edited by Ch. Lehker /UP

Learn German at the Zessko

  • Current winter semester: Unfortunately, the DaF courses at the Zessko are now fully booked.
  • The next courses will start in April 2021. At the moment, it is not yet certain which courses will be offered on campus and which courses will be
    offered online.
  • You will find the relevant courses for the summer semester 2021 on these pages from mid-March 2021.
  • Information on the registration process can be found on the Placement & Enrolment page.


Image: DaF courses at Zessko

DaF profile

Learn more about our learning opportunities (courses, language learning advising, tandems, etc.) and the principles of our work. Direct link to the course catalogue.

Image: Research information online, (c) Photo: Fritze, UP

From idea to learning project

There are different ways to register for a learning opportunity. Learn more about PULS, the placement test, and registration.

Image: Advising students, (c) Photo: Fritze, UP

DaF compact for Erasmus & similar programs

Program students will find all of the important information about German courses in a compact format.

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Virtual DaF office

Websites alone won’t make you happy. Here are ways to contact our dedicated team in the DaF department.