Application for German A1 courses (level A1.1 and A1.2)

Who can apply:

  • Online applications are possible only for A1 courses (lever A1.1 and A1.2). Please see placement and registration for information about how to apply for German courses on level A2.1 and higher.
  • A1.1 is appropriate if you have never studied German at all. You should go for A1.2 if you have already finished an A1.1 course or have learned German individually for a while. If you are not sure, please take the A1-A2 placement test.
  • Students, doctoral candidates and employees at the University of Potsdam may apply by filling in the online form below.
  • Doctoral candidates and employees at one of the cooperating academic institutions or research institutions in the Potsdam region may also apply by filling in the online form below, but will only get admission if places are left after UP members have been enrolled.
  • Guests are welcome to apply and have their names put on a waiting list. Students and employees of the University of Potsdam have priority in the allocation of language course places. Unfortunately, we can only estimate in the second week after the start of the courses whether we can offer guests free places on the courses or not.


Registration is possible as of April 1 and October 1.

Please fill out the form below (after 1st April/1st October) if you would like to register for the basic course A1 (beginners). Please note: After you have submitted the form you need to confirm again to actually send the data to Zessko.

In general, we decide within one or two weeks whether or not you will be admitted to the course and send a confirmation e-mail.

Please consult the course catalogue (from March 16th / September 16th update available for the upcoming semster) to see when the courses are being held.


Personal Data

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Study and research

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Please indicate your current status here in Potsdam or specify in the textbox below. Please give us your UP matriculation number in the text box below since UP students will be registered first.
Type in your UP matriculation number. Students with a UP student number benefit from priority admission. If you do not have a UP student number yet, but are in the process of university enrolment, please state in the text box below and provide evidence.

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Please upload a copy of your UP enrolment certification (from PULS) or an admission letter from UP in case you have not been fully enrolled yet. This will speed up the registration.
Please describe your current status here in Potsdam if you have none of the above or would like to give further information.


Please indicate which group you could possibly attend (1, 2, 3 or 4 or more than one). Please check the course catalogue for details about courses' schedules: .


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