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English Placement Test

  • Next online placement test for students of all subjects (EXCEPT for law students): 04 - 11 Oct. 2023 - no registration required. Test access information will be available on this website starting 04 Oct. 2023, 10 a.m.
    Placement test for latecomers from all other all other disciplines (except law students) from 16 and 20 Oct. 2023.
  • Next online placement test for law students: 19 and 20 Sept. 2023
    Placement test for law students (latecomers) on 12 Oct. 2023
    Registration via the information list is required. Students registered on this list will receive further information about the test about one week in advance.
  • Next online placement test for first-semester law students: 06 and 07 December 2023
    Registration via an information list required, further information & link to this list will be given to first semester law students during the enrolment week of the F§R Rewi in October.


English courses are offered in five disciplines: academic purposes, economics and business studies, law, natural sciences, and social sciences. Each course corresponds to a proficiency level indicated in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ranging from intermediate (B2) to proficient user (C2).

To register for a course, students must take the Zessko English placement test, which is available online via Moodle. The results of this test indicate the test taker’s level of language competency and correspond to a particular course level that best matches their abilities.

Because it is a diagnostic test to assess a learner’s current language competencies, it is neither necessary nor useful to study for this test. This placement test is specifically designed for language course placement at Zessko to standardize course enrollment according to ability. It is not possible to use the results for broader assessments of language proficiency or to confirm the attainment of a specific language skill level.

Students should take the placement test in their first or second semester to better coordinate their academic program of study and achieve their goals in a specified timeframe.



UNIcert levels


Before taking the actual placement test, students are advised to take a practice test on the same Moodle to become more familiar with the design and format of the actual assessment.  The practice test has the same question format, similar content and approximately the same overall level of difficulty.  


1.    A stable internet connection is required.
2.    Desktop, laptop or tablet devices with an external keyboard are better suited for the online format. It is not recommended to take the test using a smartphone or a tablet without an external keyboard.
3.    The test is timed and will automatically close 40 minutes after the test is opened.
4.    Work on the placement test without disturbance or interruption. It is not possible to quick-save the test and continue later or to repeat it.
5.    Work independently and without a dictionary or any other digital, analog or human assistance.


Results are available after 10 a.m. on the following work day via PULS – click on “My placement tests” or “Meine Einstufungstests” in the PULS navigation menu on the left. The result of the placement test is binding and determines the course level best suited to the test taker’s level of proficiency. Each course has a prerequisite placement test score range.
The placement test results are valid for three years.


Repeating the test is only possible after a student shows proof of either having successfully completed a language course of approximately four semester hours (60 x 45 minutes) OR having studied abroad in English for one semester or more.