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Language Placement Tests

The Center for Languages and Key Competences (Zessko) offers a broad range of language learning programs that you can use to expand your foreign language skills. Currently, courses are offered in eleven languages at various skill levels. To ensure that you get the most out of the program, the teaching staff will conduct a placement test.

These placements are necessary so that you enroll in the course that matches your true current level. The range of teaching and learning programs at Zessko can also be adapted to meet the students’ needs.

Placement tests are conducted for the following languages: 

* For the language courses in English for new students in the bachelor’s programs in English/American studies or the teacher-training degree program for the subject of English, no placement test is conducted because prospective students must prove their English skills before enrollment. Registration and admission information for these English courses is available here.

Language training for students who study at Zessko as part of philological degree programs is conducted based on the regulations of the subject areas at the departments of English/American studies, Romance studies, and Slavonic studies.

If you do not have a background in the language you would like to study, you do not need to complete a placement test. You simply begin your language studied in an introductory-level course. Please see the Zessko website for information on registering for one of the introductory-level courses. If you already have a background in the language and can be placed in a more advanced course, a placement test is mandatory.

The teaching of key competences is tailored to the requirements of different professional fields as well as the specific content for each subject. The Zessko language courses give students an opportunity to acquire these key competences. Using placement tests, we can determine students’ individual skill levels in order to provide an optimized, complementary learning program.

A placement test is not necessary for beginners (in UNIcert® I/1 courses). To enroll in a higher level (UNIcert® I/2 and above), a placement test is an obligatory requirement for participating in Zessko language courses.

Typically the placement tests are administered after October 1 (for winter semester) and after April 1 (for summer semester). For some languages, there are only fixed testing dates for which you must register online. For more information on placement test dates and results, visit the Zessko website in the section for the specific language. Be sure to check for information on time!