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Language Placement Tests

The Center for Languages and Key Competences (Zessko) offers a broad range of language learning programs that you can use to expand your foreign language skills. Currently, courses are offered in eleven languages at various skill levels. In order to make optimal use of these course offerings, your current level of competence must match the requirements of the desired course.

This is why Zessko conducts placement tests at the beginning of the semester. The range of teaching and learning programs at Zessko can also be adapted to meet the students’ needs.

Placement tests are conducted for the following languages, and they are required for access to advanced courses*:

* For the bachelor’s programs in Applied Cultural and Translation Studies (German-Polish), English Studies/American Studies, English (teaching profession), French Philology, French (teaching profession), Italian Philology, Latin Studies, Latin Studies (teaching profession), Polish (teaching profession), Russian (teaching profession), Spanish Philology, Spanish (teaching profession) there are no placement tests because proof of a passed aptitude test must already be provided for matriculation: Information on the placement tests.

The language training of students provided by Zessko within the framework of philological study courses is carried out according to the given regulations of the subjects in the departments of English Studies/American Studies, Romance Studies and Slavic Studies and the Chair of Classical Philology.

As part of Studiumplus, Zessko offers foreign language training to acquire key competences, which is geared to the requirements of the various professional fields and the specific content of the various study subjects. With the help of the placement tests, learners can determine their individual level of competence and thus find an optimally suitable learning offer.

A placement test is not necessary for beginners (in UNIcert® Basis I or UNIcert® I/1 courses). To enroll in a higher level (UNIcert® Basis II or UNIcert® I/2 and above), a placement test is required for participating in Zessko language courses.

Typically the placement tests are administered after October 1 (for winter semester) and after April 1 (for summer semester). For some languages, there are only fixed testing dates for which you must register online. Further information on the dates and results of the placement tests can be found on the Zessko website about the respective language. Be sure to check for information on time!