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Documents and Certificates

Academic Transcript

You can print your academic transcript at any time through PULS. Should you have no longer access to PULS because of the completion of your studies or changing universities you  can get your transcript at the Student Administration Center/ Examination Office.

Certificate statement of your current grade point average (GPA)

If necessary, a certificate of your current GPA can be issued for your application to a Master's degree program. The University of Potsdam does not provide any additional documents for applications to another university's Master's degree program. The current grade point average is an average of your course and examination grades achieved to date. This document does not take into account possible weighting that might apply to the calculation of your final grade.

Certified copies

When transferring to a Master's degree program or to another university, you will receive a single original copy of the required transcript as well as the preliminary GPA statement. To have additional copies certified, you may deposit up to 3 photocopies into the mailbox of the Student Administration Center/ Examination Office or the Student Administration Center/ Office of Student Affairs. The documents will be processed within 7 working days (office hours). Please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope with your copies. Documents can only be processed if a return envelope is included. The documents are sent back to you by mail.

You can also go to a notary or to a public office that can certify your documents, such as the Bürgeramt (resident registration office).

Graduation Records

After the successful completion of your studies, the Student Administration Center/ Examination Office will provide your graduation documents. These include your final record, your diploma, and a certified copy for each, as well as the Diploma Supplement for graduates with a Bachelor's or a Master's degree.

Diploma Supplement

If you have completed your studies successfully with a Bachelor's or a Master's degree, you receive a Diploma Supplement with your graduation documents.

The Diploma Supplement is an addendum to your final record that provides standardized details describing university degrees in English and in German. It contains information on the content and progression of your studies, as well as the academic and professional qualifications you have earned with your degree. The Diploma Supplement facilitates international and domestic evaluation and recognition of academic degrees. One part of the Diploma Supplement is the "National Statement," which explains the German educational system and places your degree in its context.