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How Do I Find the Right Degree Program for Me?

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Choosing a degree program is a landmark decision and not always easy to make. Before deciding on a degree program, it is therefore important to inform yourself thoroughly and to come to terms with your own interests, strengths and goals. This process requires time, research and reflection. On this page, we provide you with some approaches that may be helpful in making your own decision.

Steps to choosing a course of study

Step 1 - Where am I and what visions do I have?

Step 2 - What degree programs are even available?

Step 3 - Which degree programs would I even consider?

Step 4 - Which programs would I really consider now, on the basis of more detailed knowledge?

Step 5 - What further sources of information does the university in question provide?

Step 6 - What do I need to keep in mind when it comes to application and enrollment?


Online Self-Assessments (OSAs)

Online self-assessments can help you to find out whether university studies in general and specific degree programs in particular might suit you and arouse your interest. In this way, you can find out before you start studying what the technical requirements of certain programs are and whether the degree program meets your expectations. 

In the OSA, you will receive a lot of information about studying, learn which competencies are required for studying, and which teaching and learning opportunities you can use to further develop these in the pre-study and study entry phase, which can make it easier for you to prepare for studying. After completing an OSA, you will receive individual feedback, which can provide a basis for a discussion about your choice of study with the Central Student Advisory Service or departmental advising

You can complete an OSA for the following subjects:

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Rechtswissenschaft (only in German)

Single-Subject Bachelor & First Legal Examination

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