Organizing Your Exams

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Important information on organizing your exams, your rights and obligations provided by the examination office

Go here for a list of departments with their respective examination board directors.

Go here for important information on non-binding examinations in your first semester of study as well as free attempts after failed examinations or to improve your grade.

You will find information here on how to handle short-term and long-term illnesses and on how to provide proper documentation thereof during your studies.

Information on equality measures due to disability/chronic illness or because of pregnancy or care of a family member.

Go here for information on examination deadlines regarding your course of studies.

For the recognition of previous qualifications, please find the relevant request forms and information documents here.

Go here for information on how to register and submit your final thesis.

Go here for information on the issuance of your graduation documents after the successful completion of your final exams.

Go here to find information on documents and certificates issued by the Central Examination Office.

Here you can find important information on apostille and legalization.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the organization of your exams.