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Final Thesis

Topic assignment

Please take note of the following steps required for the assignment of the topic for your final thesis:

  1. Select a topic and choose an adviser
  2. Discuss the topic and find a title for the final thesis
  3. In consultation with your adviser, find a second reader for your thesis
  4. Proceed the assignment of the topic for your final thesis via PULS (Anträge stellen)
  5. The Topic Assignment Form requires the signature of both readers of your thesis as well as of the examination board
  6. The examination board confirms the final thesis topic (please note that a date is required on the Topic Assignment Form)

Registering the final thesis with the Examination Office

Once the examination board has confirmed your topic, you may proceed to register your final thesis. Please note the following:

  • You must register your final thesis with the Examination Office within one week of receiving confirmation of your topic from the Examination Board.
  • If you fail to register your final thesis within the stipulated period, a new topic will have to be assigned!
  • If you register your thesis in person during office hours with the Examination Office, then your registration becomes effective immediately during your consultation and it will be noted right away in the examination system.
  • The submission deadline will be determined and communicated to you.
  • You will receive your original Topic Assignment Form, which includes the date of registration and the submission deadline for your thesis.
  • If you send in your Topic Assignment Form (either by regular mail or by placing it into the office mailbox when the office is closed), we can only process and return the form if it is filled out completely and correctly. This includes a statement of intent to register your final thesis, which means you must remember to sign the Topic Assignment Form!

Please note: Make sure you are realistic about the timing between the registration and submission of your final thesis!

Final thesis submission / Selection of Elective Modules Relevant to the Final Grade

You must submit three printed and bound copies of your final thesis by the submission deadline. Possible ways to submit your thesis are listed in the FAQ of the Examination Office.

In addition, please also submit an electronic version of your final thesis (e.g. on a CD) as a MS Word or PDF file. If your thesis is not written in German (which generally requires the permission of your thesis readers), your thesis must include an abstract in German. Please note that that each copy of your thesis must include a personally signed statement on the originality of your work. Please see the applicable Course or Examination Regulations for further information (e.g. group work) on the submission of your final thesis.

If more modules have been successfully completed for an electives area on your transcript of records than are required in accordance with your subject-specific regulations, it is possible to select the modules that are to be included in the calculation of the final grade. The form “Selection of Elective Modules Relevant to the Final Grade” must be used for this purpose. Please note that the selection of elective modules relevant to the final grade can only be made once and must be made no later than at the time of submission of the final thesis (BAMA-O Section 27(4), Section 31(2) / BAMALA-O Section 27(5), Section 31(5)). If no selection has been made at the time of submission of the final thesis then the elective modules count in the order in which they were completed until the required number of elective credit points is reached.

Evaluation of the final thesis and thesis defense

The Academic Office/ Examination Office sends your thesis to your examiners (readers). The examiners provide a written evaluation of the thesis, explaining the grade given. The first examiner is generally also the thesis advisor. If the second examiner agrees with the first examiner’s evaluation, he or she co-signs the first document. If the difference in grades between the first and the second examiner is higher than 2.0 or if one of the grades is lower than “sufficient” (4.0), the examination board will appoint a third examiner.

If your examination regulations state that you must defend your final thesis (disputation or colloquium), please make sure to contact your examiners in a timely manner to set up a defense date.

Statement of Originality

In this statement of academic honesty you declare that your final thesis is your own original work and that you have not used any sources other than the ones listed. For more information, please see the guidelines on plagiarism provided by the senate. (E.g., I hereby declare that this thesis is the product of my own work. All the assistance received in preparing this thesis and the sources used have been acknowledged.)

More information on the final thesis can be found in the FAQs.