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The period before graduation is an important phase of your studies.  You take your final examinations, write your thesis and make plans to enter your chosen profession or continue with a master’s degree or a PhD.  Here we would like to explain all the important formalities in this last phase of your studies.

Important information upon completing your studies

You must observe a few important points when you complete your studies and leave the university or when you begin a subsequent master’s degree program. We have summarized them for you on this page. You can also seek advice at the Central Student Advisory Service.

Time of graduation

Your degree is considered completed when your last grade is reported in PULS or at the Student Administration Center/ Examination Office. The date of the “determination of the overall grade” is the date on which you have completed your studies. This date is also indicated on your transcripts and diploma.

Final thesis & degree

Important information on your final thesis, including topic assignments, registration, submission and grading, is available here. In this connection, please read the information on the issuance of your graduation documents.

Verification of degrees to third parties abroad

The University of Potsdam can not fulfill your request for verification. Due to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, data transfers to third countries are excluded. Instead of a verification, we offer a pre-certification of the degree certificates issued by the university to have it certified for your use abroad. With the pre-certification the authenticity and the formal correctness of the document are confirmed, so that a further verification will not be necessary. If you're already planning to go abroad when issuing your final documents, we recommend by that time the pre-certification to obtain the Apostille.

Re-registering despite plans to complete your studies?

Are you about to complete your bachelor's or master's degree program and don’t know whether to re-register for the upcoming semester? Please go here for a few explanations that should help you in the decision-making process. Give careful consideration to the various arguments and make your personal decision. Our goal in offering these explanations is to make the requirements clearer. However, only you can make this decision.

Case 1: Re-registration is required

Case 2: You may re-register, but it is not necessary.

Case 3: Re-registration is not required

Please note:

If you intend to continue your studies in a master's degree program, you must submit an Application to Commence a Master's Degree Program to the Student Administration Center/ Office of Student Affairs in the re-registration period.

You can find additional information on re-registration on this page.

Transition from a bachelor’s to a master’s degree program

Please go here for important information on the transition from a bachelor’s to a master’s degree program.

Transition from a master’s to a doctoral degree program

If you intend to do a doctorate after completing your studies, the following pages will provide you with information on Ph.D. possibilities at the University of Potsdam. Registration information is available on the following page.


If you finish your studies and are still enrolled, you will not be officially de-registered due to the completion of your studies until the end of the semester. So if you complete your studies in October, for example, you will be de-registered on March 31 of the following year. However, you can apply to be de-registered at an earlier date (see above). Retroactive de-registration is not possible.

If you have re-registered for the next semester and finish your studies in the current semester, you will be officially de-registered at the end of the semester unless you continue your studies in another degree program. For questions regarding a refund of the semester fee, please contact the Student Administration Center/ Office of Student Affairs directly.

Important note
Please note that you will no longer have access to PULS as of the last working day (Monday – Friday) before the day your de-registration comes into effect. This also means that you will no longer be able to obtain certificates or transcripts of records via PULS. Therefore, please remember to create the relevant documents yourself before your de-registration takes effect, if the de-registration has not already taken effect. After de-registration, you can request these documents from the Student Administration Center/ Office of Student Affairs, but processing will always take some time in this case.