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From the University to Your Own Company

The University of Potsdam sees itself as an entrepreneurial academic institution. The University supports students who want to apply the knowledge they have gained and generated in Potsdam – by founding a company, for example. In this way, members and alumni of the University can create their own alternative career opportunities. As the largest university in the federal state of Brandenburg, our extensive networking with extramural research institutions produces an immense pool of knowledge every year. Take advantage of this pool and make the transition from student to entrepreneur!

In all matters of your entrepreneurial activity, you will be supported by Potsdam Transfer, the central scientific institution for start-ups, innovation, and the transfer of knowledge and technology. The center offers comprehensive services:

  • Learn about entrepreneurial thought and action in Entrepreneurship Education. 
  • The founder service – STARTUP – helps you transform your founding ideas into reality.
  • The Transfer Service connects research and business by means of services, for example in the areas of patent services, technology scouting and utilization support.

Learning How to Be a Founder

In Entrepreneurship Education, students of all faculties can learn how founding ideas are developed, planned and implemented. This interdisciplinary offering includes a great variety of learning opportunities such as practice companies, summer schools, seminars and lectures supported by various faculties. The aim of this praxis-centered, well-founded training is to give you a head start by supporting your start-up plans during your academic education.

You will receive credit for your participation in the University's credit-point system. You can therefore gain these key qualifications without extending your overall period of study.

Potsdam Transfer offers numerous opportunities for furthering your education upon completion of your academic degree. In the Entrepreneurial PostGraduate Education (EPE) Program, doctoral candidates and postdocs can build on their management and founder competencies in order to stay on top of constantly increasing organizational and leadership challenges.

STARTUP - The Start-up Service

Potsdam Transfer's Start-up Service supports your transition from university to self-employment. We help you get started realizing your entrepreneurial ideas.

Your first contact point for questions related to the topic of setting up a business are the Start-up Service advisors at any of the University's three campuses.

Potsdam Transfer has developed an accelerator program that covers the various requirements of the six faculties and affiliated institutes in an optimal way. Future founders pass through various stages on their way to their personal start-up success: During a comprehensive introductory meeting, we answer all your questions about setting up your business and help you work out a start-up plan. Subsequent support and advising are suited to your individual needs. Potsdam Transfer helps future founders work out a business plan and learn how to optimize it step by step.

For complex start-up undertakings, which often rely on new technologies, the founding service offers access to special funding programs such as the EXIST Business Start-up Grant. This provides a way to cover development and investment needs that arise before the actual founding of the company. Furthermore, Potsdam Transfer also offers formats to augment founding teams with members who have additional competencies and abilities.

From Research to Market

Potsdam Transfer's Transfer Service is of particular interest for doctoral students, as it connects research and business. Technology scouts maintain close contact with research groups and reflect with them on the fundamental conditions of promising utilization projects. When applicable research results are identified, technology scouts support the selection of concrete forms of utilization (e.g. patents, founding, cooperations). For example, they might assess the promise of registering a patent or whether it would make sense to look for a business partner.

If the scouts determine that there is a need for a private business partner, the Transfer Service initiates research and development projects. It established business contacts and provides information on funding possibilities. Business requirements and inquiries are continually taken into consideration and brought to the attention of research teams.

To facilitate the presentation of your research findings to an international professional audience, Potsdam Transfer offers a trade fair service responsible for coordination with the trade fair organizer, stand provider and public relations department.